Altar Server Schedule                                                       

Altar Servers  April 15, 2017 - May 28, 2017

Saturday, 4/15 Easter Vigil  7:00 TBD
Sunday, 4/16 Easter
8:00 T. Madsen
10:00 C. Seamon, J. Robinson, C. Penoza
12:00 M. DeRonne, S. Sundberg

Saturday, 4/22       5:00 R. Gleason, M. Reynolds , M. Seamon
Sunday, 4/24
8:00 B. Totonchi, C. Heikkila, J. Kawka
10:00 E. Klein, K. Templer, R. Czapski
12:00 O. Connolly, C. Delaney, J. Burcroff

Saturday, 4/29 First Communion 11:00 – O. Connolly, M. DeRonne, C. Heikkila, M. Reaume
Saturday, 4/29     5:00 L. Fromm, J. Byrne, C. Seamon
Sunday, 4/30
8:00 M. Kress, B. O’Rourke, C. O’Rourke
10:00 D. Burke, D. O’Brien, B. Drake
Confirmation 12:00 K. Byrne, A. Long

Saturday, 5/6        5:00 J. Davis, I. Hauser, A. Long
Sunday, 5/7
8:00 T. Madsen, B. Reaume, K. Adams
10:00 L. Blanchard, T. Fletcher, K. VanderWeele
12:00 K. Sovran, S. Sundberg, S. McGrath

Saturday, 5/13     5:00 C. Reynolds, D. Tyrrell, R. Mercer
Sunday, 5/14
8:00 M. Reaume, Alex Gucciardo, Andy Gucciardo
10:00 A. Agbay, C. Plaskey, J. Robinson
12:00 M. McGrath, J. McGrath, M. Hickey

Saturday, 5/20     5:00 R. Toepfer, G. Long, L. Tyrrell
Sunday, 5/21
8:00 R. Schaefer, J. Everly, P. Branch
10:00 S. Mercer, L. Wiegel, R. Montgomery
12:00 J. McGrath, M. DeRonne, J. Kawka

Saturday, 5/27      5:00 L. Walton, M. Gutierrez, S. Bumbaugh
Sunday, 5/28
8:00 M. Kress, C. Heikkila, T. Madsen
10:00 G. Rotter, E. Klein, C. Plaskey
12:00 A. McCarthy, J. Burcroff, J. Davis












If you can not serve when you are scheduled to do so, you are responsible to find a substitute server.


Thank you for serving Our Lady Queen of Martyrs!


Our altar server training team will train interested students who are eligible (5th grade and up) in the late fall each  school year.
Parish families will need to contact the religious education office in the fall if your child is interested @(248) 647-6068.

Server Do's and Dont's Guideline

Server Responsibilities in Mass 



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